Tower+ for Destiny v6.1

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Tower+ for Destiny is a fan-made Android app designed for players of Bungie’s video game Destiny.

In Destiny, there are vendors of many stripes that sell players items and bounties, some of which do not refresh while others refresh as often as every few hours. This application is designed to be the best place to find out information about what vendors are selling, with many features including:

  • Detailed information about the items vendors are selling, including all their talents/perks, both their visible and hidden stats, their attack/defense value, their price, and how good their stat rolls are
  • Collection indicators showing if an Emblem/Shader/Emote/etc. being sold is not in your Collection
  • A notification system that will check the vendors’ stocks when they refresh and will notify you as soon as an item you want goes on sale

Since many vendors only sell items for a short time, it is easy to miss when something goes on sale that you want. This app will notify you the minute something you want goes on sale, so you can be sure that never happens again!

With this app, you can quickly find out:

  • Which of the Emblems the Outfitter is selling are not in your Collection without needing to leave and check
  • What the talents are on the weapons that arrived on Armsday as soon as they come in (and you can easily compare the options by swiping)
  • What Xur is selling as soon as he arrives and how good the rolls are on the armor he brought
  • What bounties are available for Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and the Weekly Crucible Bounties right when they start
  • How good the rolls are on the class items sold by Varriks as soon as his stock refreshes
  • Which emotes you have and have not unlocked from the Eververse vendor

The app also enables you to pull up information about all the things you can spend marks on so you can best plan out what to buy.

Logging In

When you start the app, you will be asked to log in to your account like you do in inventory manager apps. This is because you have to be logged in in order to view the vendors’ stocks and to get your collection info, meaning needing to log in is unavoidable.

THIS APP DOES NOT READ IN NOR STORE YOUR PASSWORD IN ANY WAY. Instead, after you log in, the app grabs three cookies from the login page (the ones that keep you logged in without you needing to re-enter your password). Those are stored and then sent to Bungie when the app asks for the vendors’ stocks. None of these cookies contain your password.

If Bungie eventually removes the need to be logged in to view the vendors’ stocks and collection info I will immediately push an update to this app removing the need to log in. Until then, this app literally won’t work without being logged in.

You only need to log in once unless you log out. If you’d like more information about this, I typed up a detailed explanation about why logging in couldn’t be avoided here.

Vendor Stocks and Bounties

Once you have logged in, the app will download the current stocks of all the vendors. These stocks are divided into three categories: Items, which contains the items of vendors that refresh; Bounties, which contains all the bounties available; and Static, which contains the items of vendors that don’t refresh.

The vendors will be listed with their name and the time that they will refresh. The items listed will have their inventory icon, name, item type, and the icons of any unique talents (things like Crowd Control or Firefly) they have. If the item is a legendary armor piece, a percentage stating how good its roll is will be listed as well.

Once you have set up the filters, the names of any items that match your filters will glow to help you identify them. The names of vendors that are selling stuff you want will glow as well.

You can refresh the vendors’ stocks by pressing the circular arrow icon. You can pull up the filters by pressing the voice bubble icon with a “!” in it.

You can turn off any of the vendors whose stocks you don’t care about by selecting the “Disable Vendors” option in the top-right “…” menu.

You can change characters by selecting the “Change Characters” option in the top-right “…” menu.

Item Details

You can select any item to see more detailed information about it, including:

  • The item’s name, type, and description
  • The attack/defense of the item (in the top-right)
  • What the item costs (which will be red if you can’t afford/purchase it)
  • All perks/talents the item has
  • The current and maximum armor stats (for armor, Ghost Shells, etc), as well as a percentage stating how good the roll is (closer to 100% is better)
  • The weapon stats, including both visible and hidden stats (for weapons)


One of the most powerful features of the app is the notification system. Since some vendors only sell items for a short time, it can be easy to miss when they sell something you want. With this app, you won’t have to worry about that again!

You can set up the app to notify you when any of the following happens:

  • A particular vendor’s stock refreshes, regardless of what they’re selling
  • A vendor starts selling an item of a certain type and rarity (and if that item is something like an Emblem or Shader, you can also specify the app to only notify you if the item is not in your Collection)
  • The Gunsmith starts selling a weapon with a particular talent

When you pull up the filters, all the vendors are listed with the items they can sell.

You can be notified whenever a particular vendor refreshes by toggling the switch by “Notify when Refreshes”.

You can be notified when an item of a particular rarity goes on sale by toggling the switch next to the rarity icon under the type of item you want to be notified about. For example, to be notified when the Shipwright sells Rare Ships, toggle the switch by the blue icon under “Ship”.

If the item type is one that has a Collection, you can toggle the “Only New” switch to have the app only notify you if the item is also not in your Collection (note: you still need to specify the rarities of items you want).

You can be notified when the Gunsmith sells a weapon with a certain unique talent by pressing the “TALENTS” button next to the weapon type and selecting the talents you want. You will be notified when an item is sold with that talent regardless of its rarity.

You can clear all filters and turn off notifications by pressing the sweep icon.

Wish List

One of the newest features is the wish list! While viewing an item, you can press the star in the top-right corner to save that item to your wish list. Then on the main vendor list, press the star in the top-right corner to bring up a list of all the items you’ve saved!

On this list, each item you saved will be displayed along with the vendor who sells it.

You can press the trash can button to the right of any item to delete it from your list.

This feature is still in development, and will be made even cooler in time!

More Screenshots


This app has been a pet project of mine for awhile, and I hope to continue making it more and more useful for all Destiny players. I plan on always keeping this app free and ad-free, but if you’d like to send some support I’d be extremely grateful! If so you can use the button below:

 Change Logs

-= VERSION 6 =-


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-= VERSION 3 =-



-= VERSION 2 =-


-= VERSION 1 =-


Windows/iOS Version?

I get many requests for my apps to be ported to other platforms, primarily Windows and iOS. I typed up the current status of the ports as well as any obstacles in the way here.


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