Blacksmith for Destiny v3.1

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Blacksmith for Destiny is a fan-made Android app designed for players of Bungie’s video game Destiny.

In Destiny, weapons come with randomly selected bonus abilities (called “talents”). This app allows you to either search for a weapon by name or select a weapon you have equipped to see all the talents are available to it! You can also highlight the talents you want so that when you get a new gun or reforge one you can quickly tell if it has the talents you’re looking for. You can then save these highlights so you can pull them up later!

Currently Equipped Items

To see the weapons you have equipped, you just need to enter your gamertag and whether you play on Xbox or Playstation.

2015-07-11 03.18.58

Once you enter that information, your currently equipped weapons will be displayed. If you change weapons or characters, you can use the “Refresh” option to update your currently equipped items.

Selecting any of your equipped weapons will bring up a screen displaying all the talents that weapon could potentially have if it was reforged. The talents the weapon currently has will be highlighted.

You can select any talent to highlight it (or turn off the highlight) so you can keep track of what you want. You can then press the “Save” button to store the talents you’ve highlighted.

You can turn off all highlights with the “Clear” option (the sweep icon).

Searching for Weapon Types

You can press the search icon (the magnifying glass) to open up the search page and look up the weapon type you want.

On the search page, enter the name of the weapon you’re looking for. Once you’re done, press the Search button to get a list of all the weapons with that name. Click on any of those listed weapons to pull up all the talents it can have.

All the available talents are listed, and you can highlight any talent by clicking on it. You can then store the talents you’ve highlighted by pressing the “Save” button.

You can turn off all highlights with the “Clear” option (the sweep icon).

 Saved Rolls

On the login and inventory screens, you can select the “Saved Rolls” option (the list icon) to pull up all the weapons you’ve saved.

You can open any weapon you’ve saved by clicking on it. Once it’s open, you can change which talents are highlighted and save your changes by pressing the “Save” icon.

You can delete any saved weapon by pressing the “Delete” button next to that weapon.

More Screenshots


I plan on keeping my apps free and ad-free, though if you wanted to send some support I’d be extremely grateful! If so you can use the button below:

Change Logs

-= VERSION 3 =-


-= VERSION 2 =-


-= VERSION 1 =-


Windows/iOS Version?

I get many requests for my apps to be ported to other platforms, primarily Windows and iOS. I typed up the current status of the ports as well as any obstacles in the way here.


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  17. What would be really nice is if you could search your vault for a specific talent, ie say i wanted a machine gun with skip rounds, or maybe a pulse rifle with full auto. You could enter what your wanting and it would find it. It takes awhile to search every single weapon to find the one you want. This would be a big time saver.


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